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About The battr

Divvies battr is an informative and supportive forum where parents of children with food allergies can participate and learn from a community of experts and other parents how best to nurture and protect their children while creating a positive, calm atmosphere that pervades the entire household.

What’s in The battr?

Feature Articles

The battr’s feature articles will cover a multitude of different topics of interest for parents and will often include recipes that will be archived for easy reference whenever you need them.

Seeing Dr Spotts

This segment highlights the pearls of wisdom and practical advice from Dr. Jules Spotts, Ph.D.  Dr. Spotts has spent many years working with children and families.

Battr Up

Benjamin Sandler (the nine-year-old inspiration behind the Divvies brand) speaks to parents and children alike in his own words about the challenges posed by food allergies. And he does this with a bit of ingenuity and a big dose of joy.

Lori’s Corner

Lori Sandler, seasoned business professional, founder of Divvies, Made to Share and mother of three very active boys, doles out heaping helpings of tips, solutions and advice on living with food allergies. 

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